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Jigme Ngotsar Gyatso, also known as Getse Lama Sonam Tenzin, was a close disciple of Jigme Lingpa and a teacher of the Dzogchen Nyingtik in northern Derge, where he established Kilung Monastery in the late seventeenth century. His reincarnations are known as Kilung Rinpoche.

Shuke Lotsāwa Drakpa Gyeltsen was a thirteenth-century translator. Born in Yarlung, he studied in Tibetan and Nepal and India. He was a student of and a translator for several Indian Paṇḍitas, including Vimālaśrībhadra, Kīrticandra, and Dharmadhara.

Prajñāvarman was an eighth-century Indian author, three of whose works survive in Tibetan translation. These include the Viśeṣastavaṭikā, the commentary on the hymns of praise to the Buddha that opens the Kangyur. A Prajñāvarman was also a prolific translator of Indic works into Tibetan, including works by Kamalaśīla, Asaṅga, and Śāntarakṣita, among other masters. His Tibetan collaborator was Yeshe De. The author and the translator were probably the same person, but it is not certain.