The Treasury of Lives

Editorial and Advisory Committees

The Treasury of Lives is supported by two active committees made up of academic specialists in Himalayan Studies. The Editorial committee supervises the Treasury's peer review process. The Advisory Committee helps guide the Treasury's development and recommends improvements. They serve as ambassadors to the site, helping to promote its use and encourage participation among colleagues and students. Editorial and Advisory Committee members are listed below. Editorial members are also part of the advisory team.

Editorial Committee Members:

Benjamin Bogin (Georgetown University)
Jacob Dalton (UC Berkeley)
Paul Hackett (Columbia University Institute for Buddhist Studies)
Karma Phuntsho
Annabella Pitkin (Barnard)
Andrew Quintman (Yale University)
Michael Sheehy (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center)
Gray Tuttle (Columbia University)
Nicole Willock (Indiana / University of Denver)

Advisory Committee Members:

José Cabezón (UC Santa Barbara)
Brandon Dotson (Oxford University)
Janet Gyatso (Harvard University)
Lauran Hartley (Columbia University Library)
Roger Jackson
Sarah Jacoby (Northwestern)
Klaus Dieter Mathes (University of Hamburg)
Elena Pakhutova (Rubin Museum of Art)
Jann Ronis (UC Berkeley)
Sam van Schaik (British Library)