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Chonyi Wangmo

b.late 19th cent. - d.mid 20th cent.
TBRC P6572

Chonyi Wangmo was a female Taklung Kagyu master active in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She is one of three women collectively known as the "Three Jetsunma."

Dawo Wangmo

b.early 17th cent. - d.late 17th cent.

Dawo Wangmo was a master of the teachings of Terton Dorje Tokme, whom she served as a consort.

Tamdrin Lhamo

b.1923 - d.1979

Tamdrin Lhamo was twentieth-century female Nyingma master from Nyarong. Her father was the treasure revealer Nyakla Jangchub Dorje.

Yangchen Lhamo

b.1907 - d.1973?

Yangchen Lhamo was the first Director of the Department of Gynecology and Pediatrics at the Lhasa Mentsikhang, as well as the first female professor there. The daughter of the Seventh Riwoche Jedrung, she continued working at the Mentsikhang at least until the advent of the Cultural Revolution.

Shukseb Jetsun Choying Zangmo

b.1853/1865 - d.1950?/1951

Jetsun Rigdzin Choying Zangmo was a famous itinerant female Buddhist adept active in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Born to pilgrims in northern India, she traveled extensively during the first half of her life, visiting sites all across central, western, and southern Tibet, as well as Nepal. Her root guru was Pema Gyatso, who had been a student of Zhabkar Tsokdruk Randrol. She taught Chod extensively and came to be considered an emanation of Machik Labdron. During the second half of her long life she resided at Shukseb Monastery, ultimately taking control of the institution and transforming it into a nunnery.