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Kunzang Dechen Gyelpo was an eighteenth-century treasure revealer active in southeastern Tibet. Only one of his eighteen revelations, the Profound Three Roots, is preserved in the Treasury of Revelations. Another, The Wish-fulfilling Gem, Hayagrīva and Vārāhī, which survives in manuscript form, was Shabkar's main practice.

Known as one of the Six Female Bon Siddhas, Choza Bonmo is positioned in Bon histories as one of the most important female practitioners of Yungdrung Bon. According to traditional Bon narratives, not only was she instrumental in preventing the destruction of Yungdrung Bon in central Tibet in the eighth century but she also played a key role in its restoration.

Tromge Tulku Arik was a twentieth-century Nyingma and Sakya lama from the Trom region of Kham. He was a disciple of Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang and a master to Chagdud Tulku and Khenpo Akhyuk, the founder of Yachen Gar. Preferring to reside in retreat, he fled to central Tibet in his thirties to avoid institutional responsibilities. He was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution and spent the last decades of his life in retreat.

Orgyen Tsomo

b.1897 - d.1961

Orgyen Tsomo, also known as the Great Ḍākinī of Tsurpu, was one of several consorts of the Fifteenth Karmapa during the first decades of the twentieth century.

The Fourth Katok Getse, Gyurme Tenpa Gyeltsen, was a twentieth-century Nyingma master from Golok. Denied access to religious training during the Cultural Revolution, beginning in the late 1970s he trained with Dudjom Lingpa's grandson Tulku Nyida, as well as Khenpo Jigme Puntsok, Khenpo Gyeltsen Wozer, and the Fifth Katok Moktsa. In 1997, he moved to India where he became close to the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Taklung Tsetrul, and Penor Rinpoche. Before his death in 2018 he served briefly as the seventh head of the Nyingma tradition in exile.