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Gelongma Pelmo

b.10th cent. - d.11th cent.
BDRC P4CZ10542

Gelongma Pelmo is held to be the initiator of the nyungne fasting meditation, a devotional practice focused on Mahākaruṇika, the thousand-armed, eleven-headed form Avalokiteśvara. The name "Gelongma Pelmo" is the Tibetan equivalent of "Bhikṣuṇī Lakṣmī" or "Lakṣmīṃkarā," who has been variously identified as a Nepalese nun, or a tantric scholar from Kashmir or Uḍḍiyāna who is associated with the practice of Vajrayoginī. The uncertainty surrounding Gelongma Pelmo's historicity has led historians to speculate that several historical figures from the eighth to the eleventh century have been conflated to produce her life stories. The various oral and written versions of her story depict her as a princess, a nun, an abbess, a leper, a woman whose strength and devotion healed her from a devastating disease, an author of several devotional praises and liturgies, and a tantric adept.

Lama Sangngak

b.1885 - d.1949?

Lama Sangngak was a grandchild of Chokgyur Lingpa and an uncle of Tulku Urgyen. Like his mother, Konchok Peldron, and his three brothers, he was a main promoter of the revelations of Chokgyur Lingpa during the first half of the twentieth century.

Tashi Chime

b.late 19th cent. - d.mid 20th cent.

Tashi Chime was a female practitioner in Kham in the first part of the twentieth century who served as an administrator of her family's monastic estate. Her mother, Konchok Peldron, and four brothers were active in propagating the revelations of her maternal grandfather, Chokgyur Lingpa. Tulku Urgyen was her nephew.

Tersey Tulku

b.1889 - d.1956

Tersey Tulku was a son of Konchok Peldron, the daughter of Chokgyur Lingpa. He was a disciple of Shākya Shrī. Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo identified him as the rebirth of his uncle, Konchok Peldron's brother Wangchuk Dorje. Like his mother and three brothers, he was one of the main propagators of his grandfather's treasure revelations.

Chime Dorje

b.1884 - d.1948

Chime Dorje was the father of Tulku Urgyen. Although recognized as an incarnation, his mother, Konchok Peldron, refused to allow him to be enthroned and so he lived as a householder. A Barom Kagyu lama by paternal inheritance, like his mother and three brothers he was a primary transmitter of the treasure revelations of his maternal grandfather, Chokgyur Lingpa, during the first half of the twentieth century.