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Tsatrul Rinpoche was a twentieth-century Geluk monk and scholar of Tibetan language and poetics. He was a member of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama's entourage when the Tibetan leader was in China and India and played a significant role in Tibetan state affairs as the Dalai Lama's confidant at the beginning of the twentieth century. He visited Japan in 1911 and stayed there for approximately one year on the Dalai Lama's orders and thereby established close relations with Japanese monks from Nishi Hongan-ji Temple.

Lobzang Dorje

b.1893 - d.1983
BDRC P9371

Akong Khenpo Lobzang Dorje of Dartang Monastery was one of very few people to meet and receive teachings from Dodrubchen Jigme Tenpai Nyima after he had retired to his hermitage. He also studied with the four great khenpos of Dodrubchen Monastery and received a thorough training in Geluk philosophy at Amchok Tsenyi. In later life he became renowned for ordaining more than a thousand monks and for his monumental The Circle of the Sun, a commentary on Śāntideva’s classic, the Bodhicaryāvatāra, for which he took Patrul Rinpoche's outline as a basis. He lived to the age of ninety.

Pema Kunzang Rangdrol was a twentieth-century lama who spent decades receiving teachings and transmissions until he held almost every lineage available in his lifetime. The record of all that he received ran to around 400 pages. His main teacher was Adzom Gyelse Gyurme Dorje, but he studied with several other teachers mainly from the Nyingma school. He began to pass on some of what he received but was soon caught up in the turmoil of the late 1950s and eventually imprisoned for twenty-two years. Upon his release, he remained mostly in retreat in his hermitage of Karma Lhateng near Muksang, but he also taught for a while at Dzogchen Monastery’s Śrīsiṁha College. His writings address a variety of topics and include a nonsectarian history of the Dharma.

Khyenrab Sengge

b.1911 - d.1970
BDRC P9906

Khenrab Sengge was the ninth abbot of Khamshe, serving from 1955 to 1958, when the college was destroyed.

Khangmar Rinchen Dorje was the sixth abbot of Khamshe, the monastic college of Dzongsar Monastery, from 1940 to 1943.