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Dezhung Rinpoche is considered one of the most highly learned Tibetan lamas of his generation. He was knowledgeable in doctrine and history, and taught both extensively, most famously at the University of Washington in Seattle. Trained in pre-Communist Tibet, he moved almost constantly among monasteries to receive teachings from multiple traditions, mainly in the Sakya. His incarnation line's seat was in Litang, but trained primarily in the Jyekundo and Derge regions. Chief among his many teachers was Gaton Ngawang Lekpa. In the 1950s his niece Jamyang Dagmola married Dagchen Rinpoche and together they settled in Seattle in the early 1960s. Among his many American students were Gene Smith, David Jackson, Janet Gyatso, Elisabeth Benard, and Cyrus Stearns. After retiring from the University he taught at dharma centers across North America. At the end of his life he reestablished one of his monastic seats, Tharlam Monastery, in Bodnath, Kathmandu, where he passed away in May 1987.

Drayab Tubten Zangpo

b.1891? - d.1930?

Drayab Tubten Zangpo was a student of Khenpo Zhenga and a teacher at multiple monastic colleges in central Tibet during the 1920s and 1930s, including Sakya, Ngor, Dreyul Kyetsel, and Samye.

Gyari Chime Drolma

b.1905 - d.1939

Chime Drolma was a daughter of the powerful Gyari family in Nyarong who was active in anti-Chinese activities during the first half of the 1930s.

Khangsar Yangchen Drolma was a female chieftain in early twentieth-century Kham. The seventh chieftain of the Khangsar family based in Kandze, she expanded the family's influence and wealth.

Khangsar Dechen Wangmo

b.1915 - d.1952

Khangsar Dechen Wangmo was the ninth chieftain of Kandze, one of the few female political leaders in the history of Kham.