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Sindrang Yab Gomchen Chewang Rinzin Tagchungdarpa was a twentieth-century Sikkimese tantric practitioner and master of Dzogchen and Mahāmudrā. A disciple of Risung Rinpoche, he was a member of Pemayangtse Monastery, which he led as Dorje Lopen for many years. As a prominent Buddhist teacher, he was tasked with representing Sikkim at statewide and regional events, and invited many of the great Tibetan lamas of the era to teach in Sikkim. He and his wife Sonam Ongmu had eight children, and spent their later years in pilgrimage.

Khon Lui Wangpo

early 8th cent.

Khon Lui Wangpo was a minister to king Tri Songdetsen during the importation of Buddhism to Tibet. He served as a patron to the building of Samye Monastery, and was one of the first men to be ordained there, by the Indian abbot Śāntarakṣita, an event that is said to have occurred in 775. Later tradition holds him to have been a disciple of Padmasambhava, and to have received from him the Vajrakīla transmission. The Khon family at the center of the Sakya tradition considers him their ancestor. Tibetan historiography names him a translator, but no texts preserved in the canon are ascribed to him.

Rinchen Namkha Dorje was the second abbot of Jayul Monastery in southern Tibet, having been a disciple of the monastery's founder, Jayulwa Chenpo Zhonnu Wo. He also served as an abbot of Lo Monastery

Jayulwa Zhonnu Wo was a Kadam monk who established Jayul Monastery in 1138. A student of Tolungpa Rinchen Nyingpo and then Chengga Tsultrim Bar, Jayulwa is remembered as having gained enlightenment through devotional service to his masters. 

Tolungpa Rinchen Nyingpo was a disciple of Chennga Tsultrim Bar and a teacher to Jayulwa Zhonnu Wo. He established Tolung Tsendro Monastery and Takpu Monastery, both outside of Lhasa. He is remembered in Kadam histories as a master of the theory of two truths.