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Wikimedia: Antoine Taveneaux

Terdrom, also known as Zhoto Tidro, is a Drigung Kagyu cave site and hermitage located near Drigung Til in the Medro Gungkar county in U, famous for its hot springs and active nunnery. According to legend Tri Songdetsen, Yeshe Tsogyel, and Padmasambhava once took refuge there from hostile Bonpo priests, during which time Padmasambhava concealed treasure. Although a Kadampa hermitage was likely the first edifice there, and Dorje Lingpa is said to have revelealed treasure there, it was developed as a formal meditation site in the sixteenth century by Rinchen Puntsok Chokyi Gyelpo, the seventeenth abbot of Drigung Til.


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Padmasambhava with Drigung Kagyu Refuge Field

This late eighteenth or early twentieth century Drigung Kagyu painting of Padmasambhava and the Drigung Kagyu refuge field is associated with a terma tradition of Rinchen Puntsok. Drigung Monastery is pictured along the bottom of the painting along with Terdrom on the left edge. A nearby treasure site is shown adjacent to Terdrom.

The Demoness of Tibet

The Demoness of Tibet is a close copy of a well-known image located in the Tibet Museum in Lhasa. The landscape of Tibet is shown as the mythical demoness of Tibetan legend. Important Buddhist temples and monasteries are located across her body, spanning from the Ngari region in the west to Kham in the east. 


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