The Treasury of Lives




The Third Khordong Tertrul, Chime Rigdzin Lama, popularly known as C. R. Lama, was a prominent Tibetan scholar, translator, and religious teacher. He was a professor at Visva-Bharati University in West Bengal, and worked with Tucci in Rome. He founded multiple dharma centers in Europe, and a monastery in Siliguri named Khordong Jangter.


Je Barawa Gyeltsen Pelzang was the founder of the Barawa Kagyu, a branch of the Drukpa Kagyu which emerged in the fourteenth century and spread across Tibet and the Himalayan borderlands, including Bhutan and Sikkim. Je Barawa was a venerated teacher and religious leader with political influence in Bhutan. His major work, an exegesis on Buddhism, is entitled A Boat by which One Enters Liberation.



The Second Gyeltsab was a disciple of the Seventh Karmapa, regent of Tsurpu Monastery, and the first main teacher of the Eighth Karmapa, whom he identified.