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Rinchen Namkha Dorje was the second abbot of Jayul Monastery in southern Tibet, having been a disciple of the monastery's founder, Jayulwa Chenpo Zhonnu Wo. He also served as an abbot of Lo Monastery

Jayulwa Zhonnu Wo was a Kadam monk who established Jayul Monastery in 1138. A student of Tolungpa Rinchen Nyingpo and then Chengga Tsultrim Bar, Jayulwa is remembered as having gained enlightenment through devotional service to his masters. 

Tolungpa Rinchen Nyingpo was a disciple of Chennga Tsultrim Bar and a teacher to Jayulwa Zhonnu Wo. He established Tolung Tsendro Monastery and Takpu Monastery, both outside of Lhasa. He is remembered in Kadam histories as a master of the theory of two truths.

Chennga Tsultrim Bar was an early Kadam master, considered one of three main students of Dromton. He established Lo Monastery to the northeast of Lhasa in the late eleventh century. His most famous disciples were Tolungpa Rinchen Nyingpo and Jayulwa Zhonnu Wo.

Tsurton Wanggi Dorje, also known as Tsurton Wangnge, was one of the "four pillars" among Marpa's disciples, particularly in the lineage of the Guhyasamāja Tantra. He may have translated a Vajravārāhī sādhana with Vajrapāṇi, although the attribution is uncertain, and he should not be confused with other lamas of the Tsur clan.