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Hortsun Tenzin Lodro Gyatso was a twentieth-century Bon lama from Amdo. He was the great-uncle of scholar Samten Karmay. He studied at Yungdrung Ling in central Tibet before returning to Amdo to teach at Kyangtsang Monastery in his native valley. He resided for close to two decades at Drakkar Jago Hermitage teaching to Bon communities in the region, before returning to Kyangtsang to set up their monastic college in 1950. Although briefly imprisoned in 1966, and forbidden to reside at his monastery after 1958, he appears to have lived his final decades in relative peace. He died in 1975.


b.8th cent. - d.8th cent.
TBRC P8276

Wangpabzhun was a Chinese translator who collaborated on a translations of the Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra from Chinese into Tibetan. Nothing is known of his life. 


Dharmatāśīla was an Indian paṇḍit who collaborated on Tibetan translations during the early ninth century. He was also involved in the composition of the Two-Volume Lexicon, the commentary on the Mahāvyutpatti.

Vidyākaraprabha was an Indian translator active during the Tibetan imperial period. He is credited with collaborating on the translations of the Mahābherīsūtra, the Vinayavastu, the Vidhyottamātantra, and Haribhadra's important Abhisamayālaṃkāra commentary, the  Abhisamayālaṃkāra-nāma-prajñāpāramitopadeśa-śāstra-vṛtti. He is also credited as the author of a work in the Madhyamaka section of the Tengyur, with the title Madhyamakanayasārasamāsaprakaraṇa, which he translated with Kawa Peltsek Rakṣita.

Śīlendrabodhi was an Indian translator active in the eighth century. Among his work, he collaborated with the prolific Tibetan translator Yeshe De on Vasubhandu's Abhidharmasamuccaya and Vajraccedikāsūtra