The Treasury of Lives




Horkhang Sonam Pelbar was a Tibetan aristocrat who served both the Tibetan government in Lhasa and the Chinese Communist government that replaced it in 1959. He was a dedicated career official who was also well trained in Tibetan language, culture, history, and music. A friend of Gendun Chopel's, he gathered that scholar's surviving papers and published them in 1988.

Geshe Mila Lobzang Tashi was a seventeenth-century Geluk monk from Ladakh who earned his geshe degree at Drepung Monastery in Tibet. The third in his reincarnation line, known as the Ridzong Sras Rinpoche, was the One-Hundred-Second Ganden Tripa.

Gergen Konchok Sonam was a twentieth-century Ladakhi Drigung Kagyu monk who served as the head of the Ladakh Buddhist Association from 1961 to 1974.

Konchok Tokdrol was a Drigung Kagyu lama from Ladakh. He studied at Yangri Gar in Tibet and taught there and at Nyima Changra College before returning to Ladakh where he taught at Shang and Phyang monasteries and at the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies.