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Having successfully defeated the Gar family and their supporters, Dusong engaged in battle at the frontier while his mother, Trimalo, became de facto ruler of Tibet from the year 705 until 712. Tridetsuktsen ruled from 712 until 755, when he was assassinated. Tri Songdetsen was enthroned that year and converted to Buddhism in 762. Bonpos suffered persecution during this period; their priests were banished and texts destroyed. In 763 the Tibetan army invaded and occupied the Chinese Tang capital of Chang’an (modern day Xian). Samye, Tibet's first monastery, was founded in 779 (several alternate dates have been suggested), with the participation of the Indian monk Śāntarakṣita and the ritual specialist Padmasambhava. In 797, Tri Songdetsen abdicated the throne.


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