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Drakpa Zangpo was an early Geluk master born in Markham and active in central Tibet where he taught widely. He briefly studied with Tsongkhapa, but mostly trained at Sangpu, imbibing that monastery's ecumenical culture.

Śākya Chokden was one of the most important thinkers of the Sakya tradition. His teachers were Rongton Sheja Kunrik, Donyo Pelwa and Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo. A thinker who accepted both the rangton and zhentong, or  "self-empty" and "other empty" views of Madhyamaka, Śākya Chokden's seat was at Serdokchen Monastery near Shigatse in Tsang. Influential and controversial in his own day, his writings fell out of favor over time and many were banned in the seventeenth century.

Jigme Kelzang was one of the foremost disciples of Dodrubchen Jigme Trinle Ozer and an important master in his own right. He spread the Longchen Nyingtik teachings in areas of Amdo and the Chinese border region. Following accusations from sectarian rivals he was imprisoned upon the orders of the Chinese emperor. Maksar Paṇḍita Kunzang Tobden Wangpo arranged for him to be freed, but what happened to him afterwards remains something of a mystery. Tradition holds that he ultimately sacrificed his life when he was executed in place of an unknown criminal in China. His writings include a popular guide to the generation and perfection stages of Vajrayāna practice.