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The Tsurpu Gyeltsab is an important Karma Kamtsang incarnation line established in the fifteenth century with a seat at Tsurpu Monastery. The First Tsurpu Gyeltsab, Peljor Dondrub, was identified by the Sixth Karmapa, Tongwa Donden as the reincarnation of Kharchen Pelgyi Wangchuk, one of the twenty-five disciples of Padmasambhava. The Sixth Karmapa appointed him the regent, or gyeltsab of his own seat at Tsurpu.



The First Tsurpu Gyeltsab, Peljor Dondrub was a disciple of the Sixth Karmapa, who appointed him regent, the Third Zhamarpa, and others. The Ming Zhengtong Emperor gave him the title of National Preceptor, and thus the Tsurphu Gyeltsab incarnations are also known as Goshri Gyeltsab. He was a teacher to the Seventh Karmapa and the Fourth Zhamarpa.

grags pa dpal 'byor

b.1519 - d.1549

grags pa mchog dbyangs

b.1617 - d.1658

dkon mchog 'od zer

b.1699 - d.1765

chos dpal bzang po

b.1766 - d.1820

ye shes bzang po

b.1821 - d.1876

bstan pa'i nyi ma

b.1877 - d.1901

The Second Gyeltsab was a disciple of the Seventh Karmapa, regent of Tsurpu Monastery, and the first main teacher of the Eighth Karmapa, whom he identified.