The Treasury of Lives

Jörg Heimbel received his PhD from the University of Hamburg in 2014 where he is a lecturer for Classical and Colloquial Tibetan. He has published articles on topics such as the history of the Ngor and Sakya traditions, Buddhist ascetic traditions, vegetarianism, book culture, and Tibetan art. His recent book publications are Vajradhara in Human Form: The Life and Times of Ngor chen Kun dga’ bzang po (2017) and The Ngor Branch Monastery of Go mig (sTeng rgyud) in Spiti (2019). He is the founder of Ngor’s Textual Treasures, an interactive web application presenting the results of an ongoing cataloguing project of a collection of manuscripts from Ngor monastery.

Dominique Townsend is an assistant professor of religion at Bard College.

Published April 2010


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