The Treasury of Lives

The Penor incarnation line of Pelyul Monastery began with the recognition of the Second Penor, Chokyi Langpo, as the reincarnation of the Third Throne Holder of the monastery, Pema Norbu. The Third Penor Rinpoche, Lekshe Chokyi Drayang, built Namdroling Monastery in southern India.



The First Penor, Pema Norbu

b.1679 - d.1757

Pema Norbu was the third throne holder of Pelyul Monastery and the first in an incarnation line that shares his name. He studied with masters from Pelyul and and Katok monasteries, and also received the Eighth Tai Situ, Chokyi Jungne and the Tenth Zhamar, Chodrub Gyatso at Pelyul, giving them teachings from the Namcho treasure cycle and the Lama Gongdu.

Rigdzin Pelchen Dupa, the reincarnation of Pema Norbu, served as the Ninth throne holder of Pelyul Monastery, from 1908 to his death in 1932. He founded Tosam Norbu Lhunpo College in 1922 and invited Khenpo Ngakchung to serve as its first abbot, taking over the position soon after.

The Third Penor Rinpoche was the head of Pelyul Monastery in Tibet and a leader of Nyingma religious activity in exile. He was trained at Pelyul and Dartang monasteries, and built Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppe, India, after leaving Tibet in 1959. He trained scores of Nyingma teachers and clerics and built dharma centers around the world.