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The incarnation line of the Pelyul Choktrul—which means the Supreme Tulku of Pelyul Monastery—is based at the Nyingma monasteries of Pelyul and Dartang. The line began with Jamyang Sherab Chokyi Nangwa, who was recognized as the reincarnation of Karma Lhawang. Karma Lhawang was known as the First Dzongnang Lama, and thus Jamyang Sherab Chokyi Nangwa is also known as the Second Dzongnang Lama. Jampel Gyepai Dorje, Jamyang Sherab Chokyi Nangwa's reincarnation, was known as the Second Pelyul Choktrul and the Third Dzongnang. The Third Pelyul Choktrul / Fourth Dzongnang Lama, Jigme Chokyi Sengge, was born in 1966.



The First Dzongnang Lama, Karma Lhawang

b.late 18th cent. - d.early 19th cent.

Karma Lhawang was one of two men who served as the fifth throne holder of Pelyul Monastery. He was a relative of the monastery's founder, Kunzang Sherab. He was known as the Dzongnang Lama and his reincarnations are known as both Dzongnang Lama and Pelyul Choktrul.

Jamyang Sherab Chokyi Nangwa was a close disciple of the First Gyatrul Rinpoche of Pelyul Monastery. He served as the fifth throne holder of Dartang Monastery. He is generally known as the First Pelyul Choktrul, but also holds the title of Second Dzongnang Lama.

Jampel Gyepai Dorje, the Second Pelyul Choktrul, also known as the Dartang Choktrul and Dzongnang Lama, was an important lama connected with the Pelyul lineage of the Nyingma tradition. Renowned for his strict observance of the monastic vows and for his statuesque appearance, he was the main teacher of the Third Penor Rinpoche and other senior lamas of the Pelyul tradition. He died in Communist prison in 1958 or 1959.