The Treasury of Lives

The Khordong Tertrul incarnation line began with Khordong Terchen Nuden Dorje. The Third Khordong Tertrul was the famous twentieth-century Nyingma master Chime Rigdzin, popularly known as C.R. Lama. 



Khordong Terchen Nuden Dorje was a prominent Nyingma master of the Northern Treasures tradition in Golok during the nineteenth century. He served as the head of his family's monastery, Khordong, in Golok, and revealed multiple scriptural treasures. Nuden Dorje passed away in the ninth month of the wood-bird year, 1864. His subsequent incarnations include: Drodul Lingpa, who died in infancy, then Kelden Lingpa who lived to be thirty-seven years old, and most recently Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, commonly known as "C. R. Lama."

The Third Khordong Tertrul, Chime Rigdzin Lama, popularly known as C. R. Lama, was a prominent Tibetan scholar, translator, and religious teacher. He was a professor at Visva-Bharati University in West Bengal, and worked with Tucci in Rome. He founded multiple dharma centers in Europe, and a monastery in Siliguri named Khordong Jangter.