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The Gangteng incarnations are Bhutanese line with its seat at Gangteng Monastery, a Nyingma monastery of the Pema Lingpa tradition. The line was established in the mid-seventeenth century when the Second Gangteng, Tendzin Lekpai Dondrub  was recognized as the reincarnation of terton Pema Lingpa's grandson Gyelse Pema Trinle, subsequently known as the First Gangteng. Gyelse Pema Trinle was the lineage holder of Pema Lingpa in terms of his 'activity' and established Gangteng monastery in the late sixteenth century.



The First Gangteng Tulku, Gyelse Pema Trinle was a sixteenth century Bhutanese Nyingma lama. He was a grandson of Pema Lingpa, and holder of the "activity" line of his lineage. He established Gangteng Monastery in the late sixteenth century.

The Second Gangteng, Tendzin Lekpai Dondrub, was a Bhutanese Nyingma lama in the lineage of Pema Lingpa. He expanded his monastic seat, Gangteng Monastery. The Gangteng Tulku are also known as the Peling Gyelse Tulku.

The Third Gangteng Tulku, Kunzang Trinle Namgyel lived in the eighteenth century Bhutan. He was the student of many of the major incarnations in the Peling tradition. The Gangteng Tulku are also known as the Gyelse Tulku.

The Fourth Gangteng Tulku, based at Gangteng Monastery in Bhutan, was a holder of both the Nyingma tradition of Pema Lingpa and the Drukpa Kagyu Tradition.

The Fifth Gangteng Tulku, Orgyen Gelek Namgyel, a holder of Bhutan's Peling tradition, was a disciple of the Sixth Peling Sungtrul.

The Sixth Gangteng Tulku, Tenpai Nyima was the grandson of Dungkhar Choje Lama Lhangkha. He was responsible for the introduction of several monastic dances at Gangteng.

The Seventh Gangteng Tulku, Orgyen Tenpai Nyinje, twice renovated the seat of his incarnation line, Gangteng Monastery, and established four meditation hermitages connected to it. The Gangten Tulku are also known as the Peling Gyelse.

The Eighth Peling Gyelse, also known as the Gangteng Tulku, Orgyen Trinle Dorje, the nephew of his previous incarnation, was a student of the Ninth Peling Sungtrul, Tendzin Chokyi Gyeltsen. He constructed Guru Lhakhang in Thimphu.