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Gyume, the Lower Tantric College, is one of the two main Geluk tantric colleges in central Tibet. It was established in 1433 by the heir of Tsongkhapa's tantric teachings, Sherab Sengge (b.1383 - d.1445), in the southern district of Lhasa known as Nordzin Gyeltsen (nor 'dzin rgyal mtshan). Later Gyume was moved to the Changlochen district in the northern section of the city. The main study at Gyume is of the tantric systems of the Akshobhya form of Guhyasamaja (gsang ‘dus mi skyod pa), the Luipa tradition of Chakrasamvara (bde mchog lu’i pa), and Thirteen-Couple Vajrabhairava (‘jigs byed lha bcugsum). The tantric colleges at Sera and Drepung have a historical relationship with Gyume. 


Abbots & Officers


Abbot Khyenrab Yonten Gyatso -
Abbot Lobzang Tashi -
Abbot thub bstan kun dga' -
Abbot Tubten Nyinje -
Abbot Jampa Chodrak -
Abbot Lobzang Lhundrub -
Abbot Chodrak Zangpo -
Abbot Yeshe Chopel -
Abbot Ngawang Chopel -
Abbot Lobzang Monlam -
Abbot Lobzang Tenpa -
Abbot Ngawang Chodrak -
Abbot Lobzang Drime -
Abbot Lobzang Gyeltsen -
Abbot Lobzang Tsultrim -
Abbot ngag dbang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan -
Abbot Dondrub Gyatso 1695 -
Abbot Ngawang Chokden 1719 -
Abbot Ngawang Nyendrak 1792 -
Abbot Lobzang Gelek 1805 - 1807


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