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Gonlung Jampa Ling is an important Geluk monastery in Amdo that was founded in 1604 by Gelse Donyo Chokyi Gyatso. The site was visited by the Third Dalai Lama and Fourth Dalai Lama prior to its founding. Regarded as one of the four great monasteries of the north, it is the seat of the Changkya and Tukwan incarnations. The monastery now houses monks of Tu (Monguor), Tibetan and Mongolian origin. Though destroyed in 1724 during the reign of Lhazang Khan, it was rebuilt in 1732. It was partially destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Reconstruction began in 1980. Today it is well-known for its new year's festival as well as masked dance ceremonies that are held throughout the year. 



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Incarnation Lines

Abbots & Officers

Throne Holder

1. First Throne Holder Sumpa Damcho Gyatso 1609 -
4. Fourth Throne Holder Sumpa Damcho Gyatso -
8. Eighth Throne Holder tshul khrims rgya mtsho -
10. Tenth Throne Holder don grub rgya mtsho 1648 -
11. Eleventh Throne Holder blo bzang ngag dbang -
11. Eleventh Throne Holder Drakpa Wozer 1630 -
17. Seventeenth Throne Holder Lobzang Rabten -
19. Ninteenth Throne Holder blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan -
21. Twenty-first Throne Holder dpal ldan rdo rje -
22. Twenty-second Throne Holder kun dga' rgyal mtshan -
23. Twenty-third Throne Holder blo bzang bstan pa chos kyi nyi ma -
26. Twenty-sixth Throne Holder ngag dbang bstan 'dzin 'phrin las -
27. Twenty-seventh Throne Holder Puntsok Namgyel 1729 - 1734?
30. Thirtieth Throne Holder ngag dbang dge legs rgya mtsho -
31. Thirty-first Throne Holder blo bzang don grub -
Throne Holder ngag dbang thub bstan dbang phyug -
Throne Holder rnam rgyal dpal 'byor -
Throne Holder phun tshogs rnam rgyal 1612 - 1617
Throne Holder bkra shis phun tshogs 1617 -
Throne Holder Ngawang Lobzang Choden 1688 -
Throne Holder Sumpa Khenpo Yeshe Peljor 1746 -


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