The Treasury of Lives

Sonam Dorje received an MA in Tibetan Language and Literature from Qinghai Nationalities University in 2012. Based in Amdo, he is currently involved in a Tibetan oral history project as well as film translation.

Published September 2012


Anon. 2005 (1930). Stong 'khor zhabs drung bdun pa blo bzang mdo rgyud ye shes bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan du skyes pa'i rabs kyi le'u. In Stong 'khor zla ba rgyal mtshan sku phreng rim byon gyi rnam thar, pp. 281-312. Bejing: Krung go'i bod rig pa dpe skrun khang. TBRC W2CZ7868.

Sonam Dorje
September 2012

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