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He visited other religious communities while in central Tibet, including both Nyetang Mokchok (nye thang rmog lcog) and Lhapu Mokchok (lha phu rmog lcog), hermitages established by Mokchok Rinchen Tsondru (rmog lcog pa rin chen brtson 'grus, 1110-1170), where he transmitted the Shangpa teachings and gave the Kālacakra empowerment.[30] These two hermitages, like Zhangzhung Dorjeden, had been converted to the Geluk tradition and were under the administration of Drepung Monastery ('bras spungs). ...

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Khyungpo Neljor is said to have had six main disciples: Meuton (rme'u ston), Yorpo Gyamoche (g.yor po rgya mo che), Ngulton Rinwang (rngul ston rin dbang), Latopa Konchok Kar (la stod pa dkon mchog mkhar), Zhanggom Choseng (zhang sgom chos seng), and Mokchokpa Rinchen Tsondru (rmog lcog pa rin chen brtson 'grus) ...

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