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The Chone Sakyong were the rulers of Chone, a semi-independent kingdom in Amdo that was founded by Changtul, who is considered the First Chone Sakyong. According to Tibetan tradition, Ga Yeshe Dargye, from whom Changtul and his heirs claim descent, was dispatched by King Relpachen from central Tibet to the areas around present-day Ngawa, Zungchu and Dzoge with an army of ten-thousand men. However, a Chinese language history of Gansu and Qinghai monasteries claims that the Chone Kings descend from a disciple of Pakpa Lodro Gyeltsen named Sakya Geshe Sherab Yeshe, who remained in the region while Pakpa and his retinue continued on to Beijing. Either way, Changtul moved his family to Chone in 1404, and in 1418, his authority over the region was recognized by the Ming Court.


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