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Rong Ngurmik was monastery in Rong in existence from at least the eleventh century when it was established by students of Tongstun Sherab Sengge. Local history holds that a Vairocana temple at Ngurmik existed since the imperial era.  Sachen Kunga Nyingpo studied Abhidharmakośa at the age of twelve under Darma Nyingpo. In the twelfth century it was the largest monastic complex in the area, a college having been established by Che Duldzin (gtsang rong pa lce 'dul 'dzin). It later became a branch of Rong Jamchen. The Tara statue for which it is named was moved to Tashilunpo by the Fourth Panchen Lama. In 1969 the complex was destroyed though a stupa and ruins remain


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