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Kharchu Dudjom Ling, a Nyingma monastery in Lhodrak, sits on a site associated with Padmasambhava and numerous other Nyingma saints. It was first developed as a sacred site in the thirteenth century by Melong Dorje and then later founded as a monastery in the sixteenth century by the Fourth Drukchen, Pema Karpo. Under the Fifth Dalai Lama it was expanded and became the seat of the Namkhai Nyingpo incarnations.


The Demoness of Tibet

The Demoness of Tibet is a close copy of a well-known image located in the Tibet Museum in Lhasa. The landscape of Tibet is shown as the mythical demoness of Tibetan legend. Important Buddhist temples and monasteries are located across her body, spanning from the Ngari region in the west to Kham in the east. 


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