The Treasury of Lives

The Taktser incarnation line was initiated when Yeshe Kelzang was recognized as the reincarnation of Lobzang Dorje, an abbot of the tantric college at Kumbum Monastery, who was then posthumously known as the First Taktser, The name of the incarnation line stems from the town of Taktser in Amdo where the Lobzang Dorje was born. The seat of this incarnation line is at Kumbum. The Fifth Takster, Lobzang Tsultrim Jigme Gyatso was a contemporary of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, and together they worked to improve the administration of Kumbum. The Sixth Taktser, Tubten Jigme Norbu, was the brother of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. He passed away in 2008 in Indiana, USA.



The First Taktser, Lobzang Dorje

b.late 17th cent. - d.early 18th cent.

Lobzang Dorje, posthumously known as the First Taktser, was born near Kumbum Monastery, where he later served as the eighth abbot of the Tantric College of Kumbum Monastery, and later as the seventeenth throne holder of the monastery.

Yeshe Kelzang, the Second Taktser, was the twenty-ninth throne holder of Kumbum Monastery.

The Third Taktser, Lobzang Khedrub Nyima

b.19th cent. - d.19th cent.

Lobzang Khedrub Nyima, the Third Taktser, was the forty-sixth throne holder of Kumbum Monastery, a post he assumed in 1819.

Nothing is known of the Fourth Taktser other than that he was born near Kumbum and passed away at the age of twenty-four. 

The Fifth Taktser, Lobzang Tsultrim Jigme Gyatso, served as the sixty-sixth and the seventy-third abbot of Kumbum Monastery.