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The Setsang incarnation lineage originated with the recognition of Ngawang Jamyang Tashi as the reincarnation of Ngawang Tashi, who was a disciple of the First Jamyang Zhepa and also second throneholder of Labrang Tashikyil MonasteryNgawang Tashi was posthumously named the First Setsang and Ngawang Jamyang Tashi became the Second Setsang. The title of Setsang Lama is derived from Ngawang Tashi's clan name, "Se," and "tshang," which means household. The seat is at Terlung Yiga Choling monastery in Amdo.



Ngawang Tashi, posthumously known as the First Setsang, was a disciple of the First Jamyang Zhepa. He trained at Gomang College in Lhasa, assisted his teacher in the founding of Labrang Tashikhyil Monastery, and served as its second throne holder.

Ngawang Jamyang Tashi, the Second Setsang, served as the twelfth abbot of Labrang as well as abbot of several branch monasteries. He was a student of the Second Jamyang Zhepa and the Fifty-third Ganden Tripa.

The Third Setsang, Lobzang Tashi Rabgye, trained at Labrang and Gomang College of Drepung. He relocated Terlung Monastery, and spent most of his adult life in Mongolian regions.

The Fourth Setsang, Lobzang Tashi Tenpai Gyeltsen, passed away at the age of nine.

The Fifth Setsang, Lobzang Tashi Trinle Gyatso, was trained at Rongwo, where he served as abbot. He supervised the rebuilding of Terlung Monastery, the seat of the incarnation line, following its destruction by the Muslim warlord Ma Qi in 1919.