The Treasury of Lives

The Seri Maṇi Paṇḍita incarnation line includes the Fourth Seri Maṇi Paṇḍita, Lobzang Dargye, who prophesied his reincarnation in either Amgon or Gyakhar. This caused some confusion and Jigme Rigpai Lodro was sought to finalize the recognition of the Fifth Seri Manipa as Gendun Tendzin Gyeltsen at the turn of the twentieth century. Little is know about the previous incarnations of this line, while the Sixth Seri Maṇi Paṇḍita, born in 1945, remained active as of 2008.



The Fifth Seri Maṇi Paṇḍita, Gendun Tendzin Gyeltsen was a teacher to the Sixth Tseten Zhabdrung, presiding over his monastic vows.