The Treasury of Lives

The Riwoche Jedrung incarnation line, also known as the Machen Tulku, dates to the sixteenth century when Drakpa Gyeltsen was recognized as the reincarnation of Tsokye Dorje, who became posthumously known as the First Riwoche Jedrung. The seat is at Riwoche monastery, a major Taklung Kagyu monastery in Kham.



Tsokye Dorje is considered to be the First Riwoche Jedrung, an incarnation line based at Riwoche Monastery in Kham. He was a student of the sixteenth throneholder of Taklung Monastery, Kunga Tashi, and a teacher to the seventeenth, Ngawang Namgyel.

The Second Riwoche Jedrung, Drakpa Gyeltsen served as the abbot of Yanggon Monastery. He lived during the chaotic middle decades of the seventheenth century when U and Tsang were at war and Gushri Khan invaded Kham and Amdo, events that forced him from his monastery and prevented him from traveling to Taklung.

The third Riwoche Jedrung, Drakpa Lekdrub was a close disciple of the twentieth throne-holder of Taklung Monastery, Tashi Peldrub. He supervised the construction of a new temple at his seat, Riwoche Monastery, and he spent the later years of his life at Taklung training his teacher's reincarnation and an entire generation of Taklung lamas.

The Fourth Riwoche Jedrung Drakpa Rinchen Sherab was an abbot of Yanggon Monastery.

The Fifth Riwoche Jedrung, Rinchen Lekdrub was an abbot of Yanggon Monastery.

The Seventh Riwoche Jedrung Jampa Junge was a treasure revealer active in Kham and Pemako during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. His collected works were published in six volumes. He was a primary teacher of Dudjom Jikdrel Yeshe Dorje and Kangyur Rinpoche Longchen Yeshe Dorje. Among his best known revelations is the Pema Sangtik, or The Secret Heart Drop of Padma. Towards the end of his life he transferred to Taklung Monastery, where he passed away. Jampa Jungne was the elder brother to one of the most the controversial figures of twentieth century Tibetan history, Gara Lama Sonam Rabten.