The Treasury of Lives

The Nyingon Choktrul incarnations were masters of the Katok branch of the Nyingma tradition with seats at both Katok Dorjeden and Nyingon Monastery. The line originated when the First Drime Zhingkyong identified a boy, Jangchub Dorje, as the reincarnation of a lama named Sanggye Tashi who had resided at Nyingon Monastery and had served at Katok during the crucial period of transition and revival.



The First Nyingon Choktrul, Jangchub Dorje

b.mid 17th cent. - d.early 18th cent.

Jangchub Dorje was the First Nyingon Choktrul, a incarnation line based at Katok Monastery. He was said to have been the incarnation of Nyingon Lama Sanggye Tashi, a student of Rigdzin Longsel Nyingpo.

The Second Nyingon Choktrul, Wosel Dorje Nyingpo

b.mid 18th cent. - d.early 19th cent.

The Second Nyingon Choktrul, Wosel Dorje Nyingpo, a master of the Katok tradition, was a student of the First Chaktsa, Kunzang Ngedon Wangpo and the First Getse, Paṇchen Gyurme Tsewang Chokdru. His seats were at Katok Monastery and Nyingon Monastery

The Third Nyingon Choktrul, Zhenpen Dorje

b.early 19th cent. - d.late 19th cent.

The Third Nyingon Choktrul, Zhenpen Dorje, a master of the Katok tradition, was a student of the Second Katok Situ, Chokyi Lodro and the First Tsopu Drubchen, Choying Rangdrol. He either established or renovated a Nyingma monastic college at the Geluk Litang Monastery.

The Fourth Nyingon Choktrul, Sonam Dorje was born in Litang in Kham in the nineteenth century. He was identified as the incarnation of the Third Nyingon Choktrul, Zhenpen Dorje, and brought to Katok Monastery where he was enthroned to the seat of the monastery. He passed away at a very young age.

The Fifth Nyingon Choktrul, Gyurme Kelzang Tobgyel Dorje, a master of Katok monastery, was a student of Lekshe Jorden, the Third Getse Gyurme Tenpa Namgyel; and the Fourth Chaktsa Kunzang Pema Trinle.