The Treasury of Lives

The Nyetang Mokchok tulku line begins with Khyungpo Neljor, the First Nyetang Mokchok, who lived in the eleventh century and founded the Shangpa Kagyu tradition and established Zhangzhong Dorjeden Monastery in the Shang valley in Tsang. 



Khyungpo Neljor

b.1050/990 - d.1127

Khyungpo Neljor initiated the Shangpa Kagyu tradition. Initially a Bonpo, he converted to Buddhism before going to India to study with mahāsiddhas. He is said to have studied with one hundred and fifty siddhas, chief among them Niguma and Sukhasiddhi. Khyungpo Neljor is said to have founded one hundred monasteries, although the names of only two are known: Zhangzhong Dorjeden in Shang and Chakar in Penyul. He had six main disciples, but he transmitted the complete doctrine he received from Niguma to only one, Mokchokpa. In addition to the Nigu Chodruk, the Six Yogas of Niguma, he also transmitted the Mahāmudrā Gauma. Tradition has it that Khyungpo Naljor lived for one hundred fifty years.