The Treasury of Lives

The Lelung Jedrung incarnations appear to have begun in the sixteenth century with the recognition of Tenpa Gyatso as the reincarnation of Gendun Tashi, the eighth abbot of Chamdo Jampa Ling. Tenpa Gyatso was declared the Third Lelung Jedrung, the first being Drubchen Lekyi Dorje. The incarnation line is based at Lelung Monastery, and is also known as the Wolga Jedrung.



Drubchen Namkha Gyeltsen was an important Kadampa lama, one of Tsongkhapa's principle teachers. He is counted as the thirty-first member of the Lamrim lineage. He served as abbot of Drowa Gon, and established Chakdor Monastery, the name of which derives from the belief that Namkha Gyeltsen was an emanation of Vajrapāṇi.

Gendun Tashi was the eighth abbot of Chamdo Jampa Ling. Born in Tsang in 1486, he was educated under thirty-seven different teachers, including the Second Dalai Lama. He was a  tantric instructor to the Third Dalai Lama. When Tenpa Gyatso was identified as his reincarnation and given the title of Third Lelung Jedrung, Gendun Tashi was given the title Second Lelung Jedrung.

The Fifth Lelung Jedrung, Lobzang Trinle was a classically-trained nonsectarian Geluk lama who played significant roles in mitigating the political violence of the first half of the eighteenth century. A student of the Nyingma treasure revealers Terdak Lingpa and Choje Lingpa, he was prophesied to be the dharma heir of Terdak Lingpa's treasures relating to a semi-wrathful form of Avalokiteśvara.