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The Druk Lama Tripa is a Bhutanese Drukpa Kagyu incarnation line with a seat at Tango monastery in Bhutan. The line began when Mipam Wangpo was recognized in the early eighteenth century as the reincarnation of the Fourth Druk Desi, Tendzin Rabgye.



Tenzin Rabgye was a seventeenth century Bhutanese religious and political leader in whose personage the lineages of two major figures in Bhutanese history, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel and Drukpa Kunle, were joined. A protégé of Zhabdrung, he served as the Fourth Druk Desi, the ruler of the recently-established Bhutanese state, and was responsible for reorganization of the religious institutional structures.

'jigs med seng+ge

b.1742 - d.1789

tshul khrims grags pa

b.1790 - d.1830