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The Dorje Drak Rigdzin is a Nyingma incarnation line with its seat at Dorje Drak, one of the main Nyingma monasteries in Tibet. The line began when the Second Dorje Drak Lekden Dorje was posthumously recognized as the reincarnation of Rigdzin Godemchen and given the title of the Second Dorje Drak in the 16th century. There is a separate enumeration that counts the Third Dorje Drak Rigdzin Ngakgi Wangpo as the First, the Fourth as the Second and so on.



Rigdzin Godemchen was a Nyingma treasure revealer who discovered the Jangter, or Northern Treasures. He was posthumously known as the First Dorje Drak Rigdzin after the Third Dorje Drak Rigdzin claimed to have been the reincarnation of Lekden Dorje, who was himself identified as the reincarnation of Godemchen. Some scholars have suggested that Godemchen revealed Bon treasure as well, but there seems no evidence for this.

Lekden Dorje was recognized as the rebirth of Rigdzin Godemchen and posthumously given the title of Second Dorje Drak Rigdzin. He was the younger brother of Ngari Panchen Pema Wanggyel, with whom he established the community that later grew into Dorje Drak Monastery, one of the main Nyingma monasteries in Tibet.

Ngakgi Wangpo was the main lineage holder of the Jangter, or Northern Treasures tradition. He was the founder of Dorje Drak Monastery and served as its first throne holder. For this he earned the title of Dorje Drak Rigdzin, which was posthumously assigned to his previous incarnations; at least in some sources; Ngakgi Wangpo is occasionally known as the First Dorje Drak Rigdzin.

Rigdzin Pema Trinle, the Fourth Dorje Drak Rigdzin, was the reincarnation of Rigdzin Ngakgi Wangpo, who established Dorje Drak Monastery at its present location. A prolific author and treasure revealer, he was murdered during the Dzungar invasion of Tibet in 1717.

Kelzang Pema Wangchuk, the Fifth Dorje Drak Rigdzin, served as the third abbot of Dorje Drak Monastery. Among his teachers was the Seventh Dalai Lama, Kelzang Gyatso.

Kunzang Gyurme Lhundrub was the Sixth Dorje Drak Rigdzin. He maintained and developed Dorje Drak Monastery before passing away at the age of thirty-five.

Ngawang Jampel was the Seventh Dorje Drak Rigdzin and fifth abbot at Dorje Drak Monastery.

Kelzang Pema Wanggyel was the Eighth Dorje Drak Rigdzin. He was known as an accomplished yogi and was honored by the Lhasa government for performing rituals to repel an invading army.

Tubten Chowang Nyamnyi Dorje was the Ninth Dorje Drak Rigdzin. He served as the seventh throne holder of Dorje Drak Monastery.