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Sherab Mebar then went west, to Dorje Drak, the mother monastery of the Northern Treasures tradition, where he met Kelzang Pema Wangchuk's chief disciple, Pema Shenyen (padma bshes gnyen), who was to be the primary teacher of the Sixth Dorje Drak Rigdzin, Kunzang Gyurme Lhundrub (rdo brag rig 'dzin 06 kun bzang 'gyur med lhun grub, c.1775-c.1810) ...

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... 1763), Lhari Zimpukpa Jigme Pawo (lha ri gzims phug pa 'jigs med dpa' bo), and the Eighth Dorje Drak Rigdzin Kelzang Pema Wanggye (rdo rje brag rig 'dzin 08 skal bzang pad+ma dbang rgyal). ...

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... He received Jangter (byang gter) instructions from Pema Shenyen (pad+ma bshes gnyen) and Chod teachings from Drubchen Tubten Tendzin (sgrub chen thub bstan bstan 'dzin) ...

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