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... He also took teachings and empowerments—including Lamdre, Vajrapañjara, Kālacakra, Hevajra, Medicine Buddha, Mahākāla, the yogas of Niguma, etc.—from the most important lamas in these monasteries: the erudite Bodong Chokle Namgyel (bo dong phyogs las rnam rgyal, 1376-1451), the translator Kyabchok Pelzang (lo tsA ba skyabs mchog dpal bzang, fourteenth to fifteenth century), the great Sakya lama Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo (ngor chen kun dga' bzang po, 1382-1456), the Nartang abbot Drubpa Sherab (grub pa shes rab, 1357-1423), and the Shangpa Kagyu master Lodro Pelzang (blo gros dpal zang, fourteenth to fifteenth century), the nephew of Jakchen Jampa Pel ('jag chen byams pa dpal, 1310-1391) ...

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