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... He requested dharma connections – meetings -- with over ten high-ranking lamas including: the Sixth Ling Rinpoche, Tubten Lungtok Tendzin Trinle (gling rin po che 06 thub bstan lung rtogs bstan 'dzin 'phrin las, 1903-1983), Trijang Rinpoche, Lobzang Tendzin Yeshe Gyatso (khri byang 03 blo bzang ye shes bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho, 1901-1981), among others ...

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... The journey took over two months, by horseback, due to the advanced ages of her mother and the Fifth Zimwok, Jampa Kunga Tenzin (gzim 'og 05 byams pa kun dga' bstan 'dzin, 1884–1963), another leading lama of Nalendra.[4] She stayed with her mother, in Trekhar Palace (khred mkhar pho brang), the royal residence in Lo, until 1965, when she and her mother moved to Dharamsala into a house her brother Chogye Trichen rented there.[5] ...

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