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Mindroling, one of the six Nyingma "mother" monasteries, was founded in 1676 by Terdak Lingpa Gyurme Dorje and his brother Lochen Dharmaśrī, with the sponsorship of the Fifth Dalai Lama. Located in Drapchi (grwa phyi) in Dranang county, it was destroyed in 1717 during the Dzungar invasion and rebuilt soon after by Terdak Lingpa's daughter Mingyur Peldron with the support of Polhane. It continues to be controlled by the Nyo clan to which Terdak Lingpa belonged. Mindroling is headed by the Minling Trichen and the Minling Khenchen. Traditionally the two are brothers, direct descendents of Terdak Lingpa; the Trichen being a layman and father of the next generation, and the Khenchen being ordained, responsible for maintaining observance of the Vinaya.


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Abbots & Officers

Minling Khenchen

1. First Minling Khenchen bstan pa'i nyi ma -
2. Second Minling Khenchen d+harma shrI -
3. Third Minling Khenchen o rgyan bstan 'dzin rdo rje -
4. Fourth Minling Khenchen gsang sngags bstan 'dzin -
5. Fifth Minling Khenchen o rgyan chos 'phel -
6. Sixth Minling Khenchen rig 'dzin bzang po -
7. Seventh Minling Khenchen bde chen mchog grub -
8. Eighth Minling Khenchen Ngawang Khyentse Norbu -
9. Ninth Minling Khenchen ngag dbang mkhyen rab rgya mtsho -

Minling Trichen

1. First Minling Trichen 'gyur med rdo rje 1670 -
2. Second Minling Trichen pad+ma 'gyur med rgya mtsho -
3. Third Minling Trichen rin chen rnam rgyal -
4. Fourth Minling Trichen pad+ma bstan 'dzin 1758 -
5. Fifth Minling Trichen 'phrin las rnam rgyal -
6. Sixth Minling Trichen pad+ma dbang rgyal -
7. Seventh Minling Trichen sangs rgyas kun dga' -
8. Eighth Minling Trichen yid bzhin dbang rgyal -
9. Ninth Minling Trichen bde chen mchog grub -
10. Tenth Minling Trichen Dondrub Wanggyel -
11. Eleventh Minling Trichen Kunzang Wanggyel -


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