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The Purchok incarnation line is a Geluk lineage that dates to the eighteenth century. The line is named for a small ridge near Sera called Purchok Ri, where, according to tradition, Padmasambhava meditated. The First Purchok, Ngawang Jampa, a prominent disciple of the Fifth Panchen Lama, is said to have participated in developing an important hermitage at the site which became known as Purchok or Purbuchok.



Ngawang Jampa was a prominent disciple of the Fifth Paṇchen Lama, the Fifth Pakpa Lha and Drubkhang Gelek Gyatso. He is counted as the fifty-third holder of the Lamrim lineage. Ngawang Jampa spent most of his life in meditation and composition of texts on various subjects, including an oft-cited passage against the worship of Shugden.

The Second Purchok, Lobzang Jampa

b.1763 - d.1823/1865

The Second Purchok Lobzang Jampa was one of the principel sources of monastic ordination in his generation, ordaining hundreds and perhaps even thousands of monks during his lifetime. He was a student of the Sixth Paṇchen Lama and Yongdzin Yeshe Gyeltsen.

The Third Purchok, Jampa Gyatso, was a prominent Geluk lama who was close to both Paṇchen and Dalai Lamas. He was ordained by the Seventh Paṇchen Lama and studied in Sera Monastery. He served as a tutor to the Twelfth and the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, whom he also ordained.