The Treasury of Lives

The Moktsa incarnations are based at Katok Dorjeden, a major Nyingma monastery in Kham. Most sources list Rigdzin Namkha Chowang as the First Moktsa and have the treasure revealer Namcho Mingyur Dorje as a pre-incarnation of Namkha Chowang, but some identify Mingyur Dorje as the First, and Namkha Chowang as the Second.



Namcho Mingyur Dorje

b.1645 - d.1667

Namcho Mingyur Dorje, the reincarnation of a Katok lama named Wangdrak Gyatso, was a prolific treasure revealer. Educated and sponsored by the great Kagyu master Karma Chakme, his revelations formed in part the basis of the Pelyul branch of the Nyingma tradition. Among his many treasures included in the Rinchen Terdzod are the Namcho cycle, for which he is best known. He should not be confused with Yongge Terton Mingyur Dorje, another student of Karma Chakme who was born in 1628.

Namkha Chowang, the First Moktsa Tulku of Katok Monastery, was known for his treasure revelations, including the Khandro Kagye cycle. He founded a monastery in Nyarong.

The Second Moktsa, Choying Dorje

b.18th cent. - d.19th cent.

Jikdrel Choying Dorje was the Second Moktsa Tulku, an incarnation line based at Katok Monastery.

The Third Moktsa Tulku, Jikdrel Tutob Dorje

b.late 18th cent. - d.19th cent.

Jikdrel Tutob Dorje was the Third Moktsa Tulku of Katok Monastery.

Jikdrel Chokyi Langpo was the Fourth Moktsa Tulku based at Katok Monastery. He introduced and established a center for Mashin Purba practice, and also provided the monastery with sixty golden masks for religious dance.