The Treasury of Lives

The Drime Zhingkyong incarnation line is based at Katok monastery in Kham. The line dates from the eighteenth century, when the Second Drime Zhingkyong, Jigme Rigdzin Gonpo was recognized as the reincarnation of Gonpo Pel Chokyi Dorje. The Fourth Drime Zhingkyong, Jigme Dechen Dorje was the son of Powo Chodrak, the king of the Chakla kingdom.



Jigme Rigdzin Gonpo was the Second Drime Zhingkyong, an incarnation line based in Katok Monastery. He studied there under Getse Paṇchen, Ngedon Rinpoche, and the First Katok Situ Orgyen Samdrub Jigme Chokyi Sengge.

Jigme Yonten Gonpo was the Third Drime Zhingkyong, based in Katok Monastery, where he sponsored the construction of several temples.

Jigme Dechen Dorje, the Fourth Drime Zhingkyong, was educated at Katok by the Third Katok Situ and several other distinguished teachers of the monastery, where later he served as a teacher.