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The First Belmang, Lobzang Dondrub, was the ninth throne holder of Labrang. A Geluk incarnation line, the line's seats were at Labrang Tashikyl and Shitsang monasteries. The line dates from the 18th century with the Second Jamyang Zhepa's recognition of the Second Belmang, Konchok Gyeltsen, as the reincarnation of Lobzang Dondrub.




blo bzang don grub

b.1696 - d.1756

The Second Belmang, Konchok Gyeltsen was a famous scholar trained at Labrang Tashikhyil, where he served as the twenty-fourth throne holder. He was recognized by the Second Jamyang Zhepa as the reincarnation of the First Belmang Tulku, Lobzang Dondrub.