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Photo Courtesy of Tibet Heritage Fund

Tengyeling, the seat of the Demo or Tengyeling incarnation line, was constructed during the seventeenth century after the Fifth Dalai Lama had assumed temporal power. Previously it was the most important of the regency seats in Lhasa, providing three regents of Tibet. Tengyeling's regency status was stripped in the early twentieth century by the Tibetan government after the Ninth Demo was discovered to have taken part in a plot to kill the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. The monastery's compound now consists of private dwellings and the Lhasa No. 1 Middle School.

Incarnation Lines


The Potala Palace and the Main Monuments of Lhasa

This painting shows major sites of Lhasa including the Jokhang, Potala Palace and Lukhang. The monasteries of Sera, Drepung, and Sangpu Neutok are also pictured. It is possible that the image depicts activities during Losar festivities.



Perspective Drawing of Lhasa

This drawing shows Lhasa before 1950 from an elevated perspective. The highly detailed representation shows many major monasteries and landmarks of Lhasa.


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