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Matthieu Ricard

Shechen, one of the six Mother monasteries of the Nyingma tradition, was founded by the Second Shechen Rabjam, Gyurme Kunzang Namgyel, in 1734 or 1735 in Derge, Kham. Shechen was constructed on the site of a hermitage built by Nyima Drakpa in 1692. 



Incarnation Lines

Abbots & Officers


Throne-Holder Peljor Gyatso [17 - ]
Throne-Holder Garwang Chokyi Gyeltsen [18 - ]
Throne-Holder Pema Tekchok Tenpai Gyeltsen [18 - ]
Throne-Holder Tenpai Gyeltsen [1690 - ]


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