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Sera Tekchen Ling is one of the three main Geluk monasteries in Lhasa. It was founded in 1419 by Jamchen Choje Shakya Yeshe, a disciple of Tsongkhapa. Three monastic colleges survive: Sera Me, Sera Je, and the Ngakpa Dratsang. Above the monastery are a number of important hermitages established by Tsongkhapa and other Geluk masters. These include Sera Utse, Pabongkha, and Purbuchok.


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Sera Monastery

Abbots & Officers


Abbot Ngawang Jamyang Tenzin Gyatso 17 -

Throne Holder

1. First Throne Holder Shākya Yeshe 1419 - 1435
3. Third Throne Holder rgyal mtshan bzang po -
8. Eighth Throne Holder Peljor Lhundrub 1467 -
9. Ninth Throne Holder Pelden Lodro -
10. Tenth Throne Holder Jamyang Donyo Pelden 1516 -
11. Eleventh Throne Holder Gendun Gyatso 1528 -
12. Twelfth Throne Holder Chokyi Gyeltsen -
13. Thirteenth Throne Holder Paṇchen Sonam Drakpa 1546 - 1554
14. Fourteenth Throne Holder Chodrak Zangpo 1554 -
15. Fifteenth Throne Holder Sonam Gyatso 1558 -
16. Sixteenth Throne Holder Yonten Gyatso -
17. Seventeenth Throne Holder Yonten Gyatso -
18. Eighteenth Throne Holder Lobzang Chokyi Gyeltsen -


The Demoness of Tibet

The Demoness of Tibet is a close copy of a well-known image located in the Tibet Museum in Lhasa. The landscape of Tibet is shown as the mythical demoness of Tibetan legend. Important Buddhist temples and monasteries are located across her body, spanning from the Ngari region in the west to Kham in the east. 

Scenes from the Life of the Fifth Dalai Lama (1617-1682)

An eighteenth century painting of The Fifth Dalai Lama pictured with major scenes from his life. 

The Potala Palace and the Main Monuments of Lhasa

This painting shows major sites of Lhasa including the Jokhang, Potala Palace and Lukhang. The monasteries of Sera, Drepung, and Sangpu Neutok are also pictured. It is possible that the image depicts activities during Losar festivities.




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