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Nalendra, a monastery located north of Lhasa in Penyul, was founded in 1436 by Rongton Sheja Kunrik, who was born into a Bon family and studied at Kadam monasteries. The monastery was absorbed into the Sakya tradition and Rongton came to be considered  one of the six jewels of the Sakya tradition. There are extensive ruins at the site, along with a renovated assembly hall containing murals. Khenpo Tsultrim Gyelsten is credited with initiating the renovation of the site.


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Incarnation Lines

Abbots & Officers

Chogye Trichen

1. First Chogye Trichen rin chen mkhyen rab mchog grub -
2. Second Chogye Trichen shAkya don grub -
3. Third Chogye Trichen 'jam dbyangs don yod rgyal mtshan -
4. Fourth Chogye Trichen chos kyi 'od zer -
6. Sixth Chogye Trichen byams pa mchog legs rdo rje -
7. Seventh Chogye Trichen mkhyen rab bstan 'dzin bzang po -
8. Eighth Chogye Trichen mkhyen rab bstan 'dzin lhun grub -
9. Ninth Chogye Trichen mkhyen rab byams pa ngag dbang lhun grub -
10. Tenth Chogye Trichen ngag dbang mkhyen brtse rab brtan -
11. Eleventh Chogye Trichen ngag dbang rgyal mtshan rab brtan -
12. Twelfth Chogye Trichen khyab bdag snying po theg mchog grub pa'i shing rta -
13. Thirteenth Chogye Trichen ngag dbang kun dga' mkhyen rab -
14. Fourteenth Chogye Trichen mkhyen rab bstan pa'i dbang phyug 'gyur med mchog grub -
15. Fifteenth Chogye Trichen mkhyen rab nges don bzang po -
17. Seventeenth Chogye Trichen Jampa Rinchen Khyentse Wangpo -
18. Eighteenth Chogye Trichen Tubten Lekshe Gyatso -


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