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John Miles

Drepung Loseling, the college of diatectics, is the largest of the four remaining colleges of Drepung Monastery. The assembly hall contains stupas with relics of various masters as well as images of Dalai Lamas and other Geluk masters. 


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Drepung Loseling College

Incarnation Lines

Abbots & Officers


5. Fifth Abbot Yeshe Zangpo -
7. Seventh Abbot legs pa chos 'byor -
12. Twelfth Abbot Paṇchen Sonam Drakpa -
21. Twenty-first Abbot Damcho Pelwa -
23. Twenty-third Abbot Konchok Chopel 1623 -
24. Twenty-fourth Abbot blo bzang bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho -
27. Twenty-seventh Abbot Jinpa Gyatso -
32. Thirty-second Abbot dge 'dun grags pa -
Abbot pad+ma rgyal mtshan -


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