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Marlene Erschbamer

Drakkar Tashiding is a monastery and hermitage site in Sikkim, said to be the center of the maṇḍala of the hidden land of Dremojong. It was first developed by Rigdzin Godemchen in the fourteenth century, on a site said to have been blessed by Padmasambhava. The monastery was established in the mid-seventeenth century by Ngadak Sempa Chenpo Puntsok Rigdzin and consecrated in 1665. Ngadak Sempa Chenpo, one of the three Nyingma lamas credited with opening the hidden land and who enthroned the first Buddhist king of Sikkim, is said to have discovered as treasure a vase first used by Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyel and which has been used since in an annual public ceremony. In the 1990s local opposition to a hydroelectric dam over the Rathong River, where water for the vase ceremony is collected, successfully prevented the project. 


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