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Two incarnation line of Changlung Pelchen Namkha Jigme are:

Changlung Tulku 02 (spyang lung sprul sku, 1822-1858)
Changlung Tulku 03 (kun bzang 'jigs med rgya mtsho, 1859-1911)
Changlung Tulku 04 (blo bzang legs bshad nyi ma, 1912-1947)
Changlung Tulku 05 (o rgyan bdud 'dul khrag 'thung che mchog rtsal, 1986 – present)

Gurong 02 (dgu rong sprul sku sna tshogs rang grol, 1822-1874)
Gurong 03 (o rgyan 'jigs bral chos dbyings rdo rje, 1875-1932)
Gurong 04 (gar dbang 'gro 'dul rdo rje, 1934-1952) ...

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