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... He did long retreats of Yamāntaka in his form Mañjuśrī Master of Life ('jam dpal tshe bdag) from the revelations of the eleventh-century terton Gyazhangtrom (rgya zhang khrom rdo rje 'od 'bar) ...

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He engaged in a one-year retreat at Baḥne of the "self-illuminating eight commands" (bka' brgyad rang shar), a revelation of Rigdzin Godemchen, and three months of recitation of "Mañjuśrī Master of Life" ('jam dpal tshe bdag) -- a form of Yamāntaka originated by Gya Zhangtrom (rgya zhang khrom, ninth or possibly eleventh century) and adopted by the Northern Treasures tradition -- and he experienced many visions in which he obtained various prophecies ...

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His incarnations include Tsasum Terdak Lingpa (rtsa gsum gter bdag gling pa), Gya Zhangtrom Dorje Obar (rgya zhang khrom rdo rje 'od 'bar), Orgyen Drime Kunga (o rgyan dri med kun dga'), Terton Barwai Dorje (gter ston 'bar ba'i rdo rje) and the twentieth century lama Trulzhig Adeu Drubrik Kyuchog ('khrul zhig a lde'u 08 grub rigs khyu mchog). ...

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