The Treasury of Lives

Stéphane Arguillère is professor of Tibetan language and civilisation at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (INALCO) in Paris, France.

Published August 2023


Chos dbyings. Byang gter rdo rje brag gi chos 'byung. In Byang gter phyogs bsgrigs, vol. 62. The biography of Gonpo Wanggyel, which is mostly a summary of Tulku Tsullo's larger one, is found on pp. 757–787.

Sprul sku tshul lo. 2014. Dus gsum kun mkhyen pad+ma'i rgyal tshab gsang 'dzin dpa' bo dgyes rab rdo rje rtsal lam mngon po dbang gi rgyal po'i sde'i rnam thar gyi bkod pa ngo mtshar dad pa'i 'khri shing. In the 2014 edition of his writings in 16 volumes: vol. 8 p. 1–110.