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When the child was four years old, Tulku Tsullo Tsultrim Zangpo (sprul sku tshul blo tshul khrims bzang po, 1884-1957) identified him as the third incarnation of Khordong Terchen Nuden Dorje ('khor gdong gter chen nus ldan rdo rje, 1791/1802-1864) ...

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Tulku Tsullo (sprul sku tshul lo), in his Life of Gonpo Wangyal, mentions other teachers of Sherab Mebar, such as Chagzam Choktrul Yeshe Trinle (lcags zam mchog sprul ye shes phrin las). ...

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... He was also the maternal grandfather of one of the most remarkable recent Nyingma writers, Tulku Tsultrim Zangpo (sprul sku tshul khrims bzang po, 1895-1954), popularly known as Tulku Tsullo (sprul sku tshul lo). 

According to his autobiography, starting in 1811, Nuden Dorje began to experience signs that he was destined to reveal treasure: it is said that he obtained the key to his first treasures, a sword and a hammer of meteoritic iron, and later on in the same year, from a red ḍākinī, a paper scroll with the alphabetic key of the symbolic script of the ḍākinī, and then, the "certificate," or inventory of his forthcoming revelations ...

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