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... Tulku Lobzang Tenpai Nyima, (sprul sku blo bzang bstan pa'i nyi ma, d.u.), believed to be the reincarnation of the Forty-fourth Ganden Tripa, Lodro Gyatso (dga' ldan khri pa 44 khri chen blo gros rgya mtsho, 1635-1688) was particularly pleased with his performance and gave him several important transmissions. ...

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... He was enrolled in Lamo Dechen Monastery (la lo bde chen) in Tsongka where he studied with some prominent masters, including Tritrul Lobzang Tenpai Nyima (khri sprul blo bzang bstan pa'i nyi ma, b.1689) and Kachu Monlam Peljor (dka' bcu smon lam dpal 'byor, d.u.). ...

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After his return to Amdo he continued his studies under the instruction of several teachers including: Lobzang Tenpai Nyima (blo bzang bstan pa'i nyi ma, 1689-1762/1772); Chumar Lobzang Gyatso (chu dmar blo bzang nyi ma, d.u.); the First Yeshong, Jamyang Lodro (g.yer gshong 01 'jam dbyangs blo gros, 1651-1733); and particularly under his relative, Sherab Tashi ...

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